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Referral Sales

Are you a:
  • Hair Stylist?
  • Hair Enthusiast? 
  • Medical Sales Rep connected to Oncologists or Dermatologist?
  • Beauty Blogger?
  • Social Media Influencer? 
Do you want to earn extra income?
  • Earn a commission on every referral
  • Invite your friends or customers to purchase our products and or become distributors of our product
  • No need to purchase inventory
  • Get your own web page and track your sales and commissions
  • Get paid every month for your referrals and earn residual income 
Did you know?

82.5% of all U.S. direct sellers/network marketers are WOMEN! 
Only 9% of women in the U.S. earn over $100,000 per year.
82% of them are in direct sales/network marketing...part-time!

Join us and find out more about our referral program!