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A mother of three, Lili Clarke found inspiration in her personal tragedy 

In 2015, Lili while on a hayride in a farm in NJ fell and suffered from a traumatic brain injury that left her incapacitated from 2 years with:
  • Short term memory loss
  • Partial paralysis 
  • Cognitive issues
  • Vision and speech impediment

In 2015 Lili began to wear wigs because she no longer had full range of motion to lift her arms to maintain her own hair:

Her best Friend came several times a week to help Lili with her wig. She had introduced Lili to the wig universe as she was herself an avid wig user.
Lili partially credits her long journey back to recovery to the confidence she regained thanks to wearing wigs. 
These made her feel beautiful and healthy looking again and gave her the will to not give up and push herself to fight her condition. 
She did it with her three young children in mind.


Lili's best friend got diagnosed with Cancer shortly pass away.

Having lost her hair to chemo and unlike Lili, she found it impossible to wear wigs because the wigs available to her were:

  • too uncomfortable for her scalp as they have hardware and combs to keep them in place
  • looked fake because made of synthetic hair
  • difficult to maintain: these would tangle a day or two after purchase
  • moving on her scalp preventing her to have any type of physical activities 


In 2017, Lili sets to re-invent the wig for people suffering from severe hair loss to honor her friends memory.

After 2 years and 11 seamstresses Lili comes up with a patent-pending wig design meant to be Comfortable and Natural looking:
  • 100% Virgin Human hair with full cuticles to prevent tangling 
  • Transparent Swiss lace cap (100% lace no other fabrics like other wigs in the market) allowing for the hair to be styled like hair on the scalp (braided, parted, put in ponytail or buns without revealing any seams)
  • The invention of a bio-medical grade adhesive that is water resistant and last up to 3 weeks and allowing for taking shower, swimming, exercising, sleeping with your wig on.


In 2019, while on a commercial mission to Colombia, Lili and Emmanuel met with the Ayudame a Vivir Foundation for Children with cancer

A pivotal point for Lili Clarke hair and the decision was made to organize hair donation campaigns to be able to offer free wigs with the hair collected to Children suffering with cancer. The hair collection took place in 2 Colombian city: Cartagena and Barranquilla and was a huge success with more than 200 hair donations. 

Meet the Owners

Lili Clarke


Serial Entrepreneur, mother of three teenagers, passionate about beauty and elegance. Driven by product honesty. 

Emmanuel Voissard


Leader with a passion for handcrafted beautiful luxury products. Driven by quality excellence and customer satisfaction. Hair Expert.

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