Lili Clarke Wigs and Hair Extensions are designed to restore CONFIDENCE. Whether you have thinning hair, have experienced hair lost due to alopecia or cancer, or if you just simply want to feel your very best, the finest quality hair is a must. Our patent-pending wig cap design allows for full parting, braiding, putting your hair in a bun or ponytail and will impress your friends! Our medical-grade wig adhesive is water proof and sweat resistant and will last for up to three weeks! With CONFIDENCE, you can go to the gym, dancing, or even to the beach. 

Four years ago, Co-Founder/CEO, Lili Clarke suffered a tragic fall which left her unsure if she would ever walk again without assistance or regain her short-term memory. Suffering from a traumatic brain injury, Lili lost part of her short-term memory and some of her cognitive abilities. However, this single mother of three would not accept defeat and was determined to do everything possible to recover.

Lili began to wear wigs and put on makeup each day to convince her children she was okay and that she was her old self. By wearing wigs, she regained her confidence and found out the healing power looking beautiful had on her brain. She also discovered that most wigs were uncomfortable, tangled and shedded significantly and were not flexible when it came to styling. This is how she came up with the idea to re-invent the wig for comfort, durability, quality, and a luxurious look and feel.  Lili Clarke wigs and hair extensions are meant to be the equivalent to hair of what "Hermes" is to fashion.

Lili Clarke Wigs and Hair Extensions are quite simply meant to make you look BEAUTIFUL. Our hair comes from single-donors and they do not undergo any type of chemical treatment. Our hair is treated by the donors with rice water, an ancient Chinese tradition to make it shinny, durable and healthy. Our wig cap is so transparent that you don't need to bleach the knots and use makeup foundation to match your skin color. We believe that the more natural and classy you look, the more BEAUTIFUL you are.  Invest in your hair, it is your Crown!


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